about Sweetee


30 years’ experience in softness

Textile manufacturer Sweetee Textiles stands for a world of softness. In a nutshell:

  • What? cushion padding or inner cushions and pillows, quilts or duvets and seat cushions
  • Who? importers, wholesalers, shops, department stores, manufacturers, web shops, hotels
  • Where? from Belgium and The Netherlands right across to France and Germany


Sweetee Textiles: second-generation family business

Sweetee Textiles is Belgian market leader in the production of cushion padding and we are proud of that. Thanks to 30 years of experience, we know the textile sector inside and out. For two generations, we have refined our supply chain, so that we can safely say that we are now working with the best partners in the business. In addition, we have updated our machinery for fast and flexible production. Thanks to our in-house production unit in Bruges, you can also choose a customised finish.


1-2 weeks lead time thanks to 6,000 cushions a day

Thanks to a production capacity of 6000 inner cushions per day, you will receive your order after 1 to 2 weeks. In addition, you can also count on us for the production of your quilts and duvets, synthetic pillows and seat cushions. Sweetee is your renowned supplier of softness. Discover our special production method?





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Once upon a time, there was … Sweetee bvba

How did Sweetee's success story begin? In 1983, Jean Pierre De Langhe and Nadine Platteeuw founded Sweetee. With screen-printing, they printed mainly sweaters and T-shirts, hence the name Sweetee. Later, they added gift items and cushions to the range. In 1992, they chose to start their own clothing workshop. That allowed them to not only print cushions, but also make them. They continued investing in cushion technology in the next few years. And since 2000-2005, Sweetee has specialized in the fully-automated production of polypropylene inner cushions, while gradually phasing out the printing services. In 2011, their son Bram De Langhe joined the team and in 2016, took over the helm.