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Cushion padding forms the basis for scatter cushions which turn every house into a real home. Good pads are wonderfully soft, extra light, comfortable and resilient. That’s why they better maintain their shape. And that’s something we at Sweetee, the Belgian market leader in inner cushions, have cottoned onto. No wonder, therefore, that our pads also bring softness to The Netherlands, France and Germany.


 Download the technical sheets of our inner cushions

Your partner for customised inner cushions

We make the difference with pads tailored to your customers’ requirements and a personal service!

  • You choose the size of your inner cushions: from 25 to + 100 cm.
  • You determine the shape of your pads: rectangular or square, round or cylinder (draught excluder), heart-shaped, …
  • Private label? Your cushion padding gets its own ready-to-use stitched-in label.
  • Traditional white or rather a different colour for your pads? You choose.

We make dream cushions tailored to your customers’ requirements. Why not make an appointment now and help us create the perfect cushion padding.



Inner cushions 100% polyester

Synthetic cushion padding in polyester is cheap, anti-allergenic and easy to maintain. It feels somewhat firmer than down and is slightly less durable: over time, it will lose its resilience. We use two types of synthetic padding:



Hollow polyester fibre:
100% Virgin PSF, Hollow, Slick, Fire Retardant

This is the most widely used polyester fibre. PSF stands for Polyester Staple Fiber. Virgin means that we only use new fibres (without regenerates). The hollow fibre provides better resilience, while the slick finish creates a smoother and softer effect. The fire-retardant feature is a frequently requested requirement: this fibre is covered by the BS5852 fire standard. We usually use a cut length of 32 mm, with a thickness of 6 Denier, but other lengths and thicknesses are possible, too.

Polyester balls:
100% Virgin Polyester Ball Fiber

For this padding, the same basic raw material, Hollow Virgin PSF, is made into small balls. The advantages? These polyester balls better maintain their resilience for pillows with a longer life span. This type of fibre is also known under the brand name Conforel and is mainly used for pillows.

Sweetee Binnenkussens

Inner cushions 100% down

Down is a natural material, derived from chickens, ducks or geese.

In general, down is not used on its own, but mixed with feathers (e.g. 85% down and 15% feathers). An inner cushion usually contains 100% feathers because they provide more support. We use white or grey duck feathers with IDFL accreditation. Down cushions feel softer and are ideal to sink into. They better maintain their resilience - just shake them up - but they offer slightly less support and are not suitable for allergy sufferers.

The ticking or casing of our down pads consists of 100% cotton or polyester cotton for a better quality look. The ticking has a percale weave, which means it is feather-proof.

Count on our high production capacity for cushion padding

Six thousand pads per day, that is our production rate. So you can rest assured, you can expect to receive large orders within 1 to 2 weeks. We make your pillows at our in-house production site in Bruges and boast state-of-the-art specialized machinery. Your cushion padding is produced in 4 steps:

  • We cut the polypropylene fabric for the customised ticking and weld the two fleece layers ultrasonically for a lasting result.
  • With our PLC-controlled filling machines, we fill the ticking according to the set weight.
  • We stitch up or weld the filling opening.
  • If you wish to save on transportation and storage costs, then why not opt for vacuum packing?


Loose padding of inner cushions also available separately

The loose padding of our inner cushions - 100% siliconised polyester fibres - is also available separately in 10K bags. You choose from hollow polyester fibres or polyester balls. The latter are also available in 50K bales.


Below you will find our standard dimensions, but also for customized filling cushions. We adjust the dimensions and the weight as you want.

Square Model
Square Model

25x25cm - 30x30cm - 35x35cm
42x42cm - 47x47cm - 52x52cm
55x55cm - 62x62cm - 65x65cm
72x72cm - 75x75cm - 80x80cm

Rectangle Model
Rectangle Model

30x60cm - 35x60cm - 35x70cm
40x50cm - 40x60cm - 50x70cm

Round Model
Round Model

Ø 40 - Ø 60

 Download the technical sheets of our inner cushions